Earth Day in Lafayette – Win a Free Tree!

9443962_sLafayette was named Tree City USA 2012. This is the 18th consecutive year Lafayette has earned this honor.

Trees are valuable to homeowners and home buyers.

“A mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000.” – Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers

Trees add value to your home, shade your home and neighborhood help, lower your heating and cooling bills and provide habitat for birds and small animals. Most buyers appreciate mature trees in the landscape of the home they are considering buying.

Lafayette, Saturday is your lucky day! Read the rest of this entry »

No More Chocolate Chip Cookies??

14507825_sNew research may help sell more open houses while easing my waste line – sounds like a win-win. But no more chocolate chip cookies? Really??

Turns out the old real estate advice of baking chocolate chip cookies before an open house may need updating. You can put away that mixing bowl or tub of cookie dough and turn off the oven. Research is now saying that chocolate chip cookies are one of the worst scents to have in an open house.

I’m skeptical but willing to go along.

Researchers sampled over 400 people in a Swiss home store to determine what kind of scents were most pleasing and promoted decision making. The findings may easily apply to open houses too. Read the rest of this entry »

Love Living in Boulder County – Reason #103

ry=400America’s Best Idea – Our National Parks

Living in Boulder Colorado we have the amazing benefit of living in a state with four National Parks. Growing up in Iowa we used to drive to Colorado to vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park. Visiting Rocky is still as special to me and my family as it was back when I was a kid.

April is a big month in the national parks and there is something fun for everyone.

April 20-28, 2013 – National Park Week

It’s a perfect time to visit one of Colorado’s four national parks and join in the presidentially proclaimed celebration of our parks. All park fees will be waived this week making the national parks accessible to everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Families Are Searching

10684217_sTight, tight, tight!

It’s a sellers market right now and sellers are king.

But I have 3 buyers who are ready, ready, ready!

With 60% of the current single family inventory in Louisville and 56% of Lafayette under contract we have to move fast anytime something new comes on the market. But maybe you know someone who is thinking now might be the time for them to sell their house.

If so please call me … or have them call me!

Here are some details Read the rest of this entry »

Love Living in Boulder County – Reason #102

avista_adventist_hospital_aerial-895558_650x400You know Boulder County is ranked as one of the healthiest counties in Colorado, if not all of America, right?

A new national study shows we are some of the most physically active people who enjoy a higher life expectancy and have excellent access to first-class primary care doctors. (Daily Camera, 3.20.13)

Today the Boulder County Business Report posted that many of those excellent doctors also happen to serve you and me in nationally top-ranked hospitals – the elite 15% of all America for excellent patient experience.

I’m starting to feel better than ever! Read the rest of this entry »

Restaurants for Boulder’s Smallest House Hunters

13772570_sKids are always welcome.  That’s how I feel about this business of showing houses.

Having children along on a day of touring houses means we plan a little differently and taking a break for a healthy lunch is always part of my plan.

Here’s 3 of my favorite quick lunch stops in the Boulder area with healthy options for young house shoppers. Read the rest of this entry »

Art at the Louisville Library

15642324_sIs your kid an artist?

Then stop by the Louisville Public Library to catch the end of the Youth Spring Art Show.  It’s happening right now though March 29th.

This show features the enthusiastic art of our youngest residents ages 4 to 18 from Louisville and Superior.  When our son was a Fireside Elementary student his art was hung in this show and the pride he felt from seeing his artwork hung in such a public place was incredible.

Stop by the Louisville Public Library Read the rest of this entry »

5 Closing Tips I Give My Buyers

MannoYou found “The One”.

It is the house you are going to buy, live in and enjoy for years to come.  Plans are swirling in your head; decorating ideas, landscaping plans and housewarming parties.

But first – you have a closing.  A closing is the time where you close the deal on your new home, sign a pile of papers, write checks and get the keys!  This is an important day and I’m always there with my clients every step of the way.

I have a detailed multi-point checklist I run through when it comes time to schedule a closing. Buyers (and I) need to feel confident every aspect of the transaction is planned for and covered.  We don’t want any surprises!

Here are 5 tips from my multi-point checklist: Read the rest of this entry »

How Much You Should Spend on Your Home

9085229_sKnowing how much house you can afford makes shopping for a new home so much more fun and effective.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a new home only to be told by the lender its out of your price range.

That’s why I always send my clients to get pre – qualified first.  Its quick and easy and once you have the pre -qualified letter in your hand you know exactly how much house you can afford.  When it comes time to make an offer I include the pre-qualified (or even better, a pre-approved) letter with the contract so the seller feels confident accepting the offer.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

First Step

My clients don’t share their finances with me.  That’s between you and your lender. But I can give you some tools for a quick do-it-yourself look at where you stand in terms of getting a mortgage. Read the rest of this entry »

Home Loan Homework

12161928_sI get lots of real estate related questions throughout the course of my day and I thought I’d post them every now and then just in case its something you are thinking about too.  Here’s a good one about home loans:

Q.  I am ready to buy a home and will need a loan.  What homework should I be doing now?

A.  Here are three big points many people don’t consider when buying a home: Read the rest of this entry »