Jeff “Off Hours”

TetonsI am a family man through and through.  My family means everything to me and I love doing things with them. In fact, you might run into the Gazaways just about anywhere in the Boulder valley area.

We appreciate living in this special place with all the wonderful options it offers.  Our family enjoys being outdoors hiking the open space trails or camping and boating in the State Parks nearby.  With Rocky Mountain National Park close by we’ve spent so many weekends camping and exploring there that we call it “our park”.

photo-2But most weekends are filled with our kids and their school activities.  Both are Colorado natives and have grown up in the Boulder Valley School District attending Louisville schools.  Kay and I spend many, many hours volunteering for their programs and cheering at their events.

Music has always been important in my life and drumming is what I do when I “let my hair down”. I’ve been a drummer since I was a kid and still play whenever possible.  Country, Rock, Big Band and Jazz are all music styles I enjoy playing.

RedstoneI’ve been a Colorado boy for 30 years now and think its the most beautiful place on earth.  If you’d like me to show you why I love living here so much just give me a call.  I’m happy to share.


If you would like to talk with Jeff about buying or selling your home or if you just have a question please call him directly at 303-579-1617 or email [email protected] Jeff will be happy to talk with you and as always, there is “no pressure, just honest answers”.

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