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No More Chocolate Chip Cookies??

14507825_sNew research may help sell more open houses while easing my waste line – sounds like a win-win. But no more chocolate chip cookies? Really??

Turns out the old real estate advice of baking chocolate chip cookies before an open house may need updating. You can put away that mixing bowl or tub of cookie dough and turn off the oven. Research is now saying that chocolate chip cookies are one of the worst scents to have in an open house.

I’m skeptical but willing to go along.

Researchers sampled over 400 people in a Swiss home store to determine what kind of scents were most pleasing and promoted decision making. The findings may easily apply to open houses too. Read the rest of this entry »

Leading the Parade

7314720_sIf you’ve ever been in a parade you know how thrilling it is to be at the front  where all the excitement and energy forms.  Performers feed off the crowd’s applause and the positive energy flow both ways.

Price Smart

That’s how I like to think when it comes to my favorite pricing strategy – Leading the Market.

Smart pricing gives the seller the best opportunity to deal with serious buyers who make solid offer(s) based on current market trends and give the quickest turnaround time for closing dates.

This strategy requires intimate knowledge of pricing trends.  It takes a high level of market knowledge, a detailed evaluation of the most recent comparable sales and a willingness to obsessively track the current competition.   That’s in addition to savvy marketing with leading edge tools and proven negotiation skills.

Best for Sellers

For the seller this is the best strategy for Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Think Like Dirty Harry?

Dirty Harry and Boulder sellers often think alike.  Overlooking all logical pricing rational the BIG question they ask is: “Do I feel lucky?”


Feeling Lucky?

Taking a gamble on a listing price because a seller is “feeling lucky” is a strong warning sign to me because the ultimate outcome of this pricing strategy is usually a hugely disappointed and emotional seller with a devastated bottom line.

Honeymoon is Over

Unfortunately, the end result of this strategy is all too predictable.  The all important honeymoon period on a new listing is the first few weeks when a home is freshly listed.  The buyers are attracted like Read the rest of this entry »

A Rising Tide in Boulder Colorado

4060139_sQuietly yet consistently its happening.  The real estate tide is rising in Boulder.  Real estate inventory (supply of homes for sale) is at an all time low while sales volume (number of buyers looking for homes) is quickly on the rise.  This trend has been building for at least the past six to eight months in Boulder County.


Real estate trends run in cycles.  During an upswing, prices can rise quickly but they can get sticky and drop slowly on the downside of the cycle.  It seems we may be entering an upswing cycle with quickly rising prices.

Exciting Times

For sellers this can be an exciting time.  But because the market can change quickly its a critical time to get expert pricing advise in order to maximize a home’s value while minimizing risk and exposure.  Its one of the most important services I can provide my clients – careful, strategic pricing advise.

Analyzing the market for a new listing requires much more than simply pulling comparable properties.    Careful tracking of details while, closely monitoring the competition is how I begin the analytical process.

Three Kinds of Sellers

During a rising tide sellers often use one of three pricing strategies: Read the rest of this entry »

Boulder County Home Buyers Think Its Spring!

Snow is in the air but Boulder County home buyers are acting like its spring!

Saturday morning is a popular time for home buyers to go house shopping and last Saturday was no exception.  As I pulled up to a new ranch listing in Hillsborough West of Louisville the scene was a seller’s dream come true.

Multiple Offers

16545101_sOne agent was standing with her clients at their car on the street, papers in hand.  Another agent was having an animated conversation at the front door with his client’s family.  There was a third group talking inside at the living room window.  As I slowed to park, all heads turned and their eyes grew wide.  The feeling of competition was palpable.  It was the perfect situation for the seller and the multiple offers they surely received later that day.

The Time is Now

Just last week I had a seller tell me they were going to wait until spring to list their home.  My answer is spring is here, now!  Buyers are seriously looking.  Demand for homes in Boulder County is high, inventory is low and historically low interest rates allow buyers to get more home for their money.

Proper Pricing is Critical

Sellers traditionally wait until the warmer weather buying season to put their homes on the market but my advice is to take advantage of the current situation and list now if you are ready.  I’m happy to work through pricing options for you that will be successful in this competitive market.  Give me a call at 303-579-1617.


Sellers Market in Full Swing

Have you spent the winter thinking that it might be time to sell your house?  Maybe move up to more square footage and nicer amenities.  Or possibly downsize to something with less maintenance and overhead?

Turbo Charged

Boulder and the surrounding communities of Louisville, Lafayette and Superior all are seeing significant sellers markets so far in 2013.  So much so in fact, that I have been advising my buyers to turbo charge their shopping strategy in order to position themselves for the best opportunities.

New listings are being toured the same day they come on the market.  In fact, I have alerts on my computer to tell me when new listings arrive that support my buyers needs.  If there is a possible match we are out the door that afternoon.

Are You a Smart Seller?

Smart sellers are those who have done their research, kept their property updated and attractive and priced their  homes right.  Those homes will likely go under contract very quickly.

The Numbers Tell The Story

Of the current single family homes on the market today here is the story for listings under contract:

Boulder: 41% under contract

Lafayette:  42% under contract

Louisville:  58% under contract

Superior:  64% under contract







Remodeling Projects – Added Value or Added Enjoyment?

Every year about this time we get questions from homeowners about the real estate value of a remodeling project they have in mind. Usually the homeowner wants financial justification to do a project that will make life a little bit nicer for their family.  They know Jeff sees lots of homes and has a good handle on what buyers like.

Our advice is to look at the cost vs value figures.  From a quick payback point of view those numbers have been a bit discouraging lately, but if you are looking long term and are making the improvements to add value to your family’s life in addition to the value of your home then that’s a double win and the project is probably a good investment.

Here are some excerpts from Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value Denver market report for 2011-2012 for midrange projects.  Scroll down to find your pet project and the estimated value it will add to your home.

  • Entry Door Replacement (steel) – cost $1,238 – cost recouped $903 – 73%
  • Garage Door Replacement – cost $1,512 – cost recouped $1,087  – 72%
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel – cost $19,588 – cost recouped $14, 120 – 72%
  • Deck Addition (wood) – $10,350 – cost recouped $7,259 – 70%
  • Siding Replacement – cost $11,729 – cost recouped $8,155 – 69.5%
  • Window Replacement – cost $11,319 – cost recouped $7,692 – 68%
  • Basement Remodel – cost R$634,378 – cost recouped $42,338 – 66.8%

If you want further advice on how a remodeling project can help the resale value of your home give Jeff a call at 303-579-1617.  He’ll be glad to help you look at the cost vs value for a future resale while considering the benefit to your family now.



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