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A client’s note at the end of the week

We love hearing good news from our clients – especially when they tell us how we helped solved a problem for them.  It makes for a happy day over here at Gazaway Group Real Estate.

Here’s a note we received from Shanel and LaDonna:

Dear Jeff,

I want to thank you for everything you did to help sell my parents house.  When I first asked you to be their Realtor, I had no idea how complicated the situation was going to be.  Honestly, I would not have asked you had I known because I would never want to put you in an uncomfortable situation.  But I’m so glad I did because I knew I could trust you and that they were in good hands.

More than once you went way above and beyond to make sure the house sold.  Due to the complications of the type of property it was, that one party is disabled and the other moved out of town, you had to be creative to make things work.  To top that off, you were extremely empathetic to my situation and work schedule and tried to make things as easy as you could for me.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you were their Realtor.  You are a true example of professionalism and you put your heart and soul into taking care of your clients.  I can’t thank you enough and when I’m ready for my next home, you can bet that I’ll be calling you.



If we can help you with a real estate problem or if you’d like to discuss buying or selling your home please give Jeff a call at 303-579-1617.  We’d be honored to give you the same kind of assistance we gave to Shanel and her mother, LaDonna.


Top Home Improvements

417 McConnell-12Home Improvements are big business in the Boulder area. Go to any home improvement store on a weekend and you’ll see what I mean. Do-it-yourself or hire a professional – but either way check out this list of top improvements before making your improvement plans.

53% of all homebuyers make improvements within the first three months of owning their new home according to Realtor magazine. That feels about right to us but of course we are still curious. How did they spend their money? And on what?

Of those 53% who made improvements:
9% spent $25,000 or more
37% spent $5,000 – $25,000
and 54% spent less than $5,000

We know buyers like to make their new house their home by putting personal touches on it. Here are the popular improvements this year:

41% update the lighting
New fixtures and really update a home.

37% buy new appliances
In our earlier post about kitchen features new appliances were the top choice of buyers Stainless refrigerators and gas stoves are top choices.

34% invest in landscaping.
Improving curb appeal and creating a backyard retreat are both terrific investments in a home and often earn a strong return on your investment.

32% hardwood floors
Our earlier post about what buyers didn’t get but would have paid more for is worth checking out. Hardwood floors were mentioned by 54% of the survey respondents as something they wanted and would have paid more for.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s meet at the home improvement store!

What Buyers Wish For

13909646_sHow did you feel when you closed on your home? Excited? Happy? Overwhelmed?

Realtor Magazine recently published the results of their 2013 home buyer survey and we thought you might be curious, like us, to take a peek inside the mind of today’s home buyer.

The good news is 97% of all buyers were very satisfied to somewhat satisfied with their new purchase. We have to say we get a great deal of satisfaction at closings when we put the keys to a new home into our clients hands for the first time. The look of happiness is so very gratifying!

What buyers wished for that they didn’t get?

55% said more storage
52% said more closet space

That feels familiar to us – how about you? This wish for more storage and closets must be universal across the entire country.

Some features that were missing that buyers said they would have paid more to get:

69% central air conditioning
We are seeing this more and more here in the Boulder area. Ten or more years ago folks were happy with evaporative coolers which work well in our drier climate. But over the past decade we’ve seen a strong movement favoring central air.

60% Walk in closets
We all see them in the new show homes and drool over the expansive closet spaces in newer homes.

54% Hardwood floors
The warmth and beauty of hardwood floors is always popular. If you are thinking of an upgrade in your home’s flooring we’d suggest you consider hardwoods.

Thinking of buying a new home?  Then sign up for our free listing alerts service – these alerts land straight in your email box every day there is a new listing or listings that match the criteria you personally selected.  Its free, easy and the best way to get the most up to date information on every new listing in the communities and price range you are looking for.

Its Competitive Out There – Hire a Good LOCAL Agent

HIre a good local agent who knows the difference between Louisville and SuperiorYou’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, right?  Well it works in real estate too.

In Boulder County 80% of the real estate business is done by 20% of the agents.  These agents are the ones with the most experience in the local market and have solid relationships with other agents as well as inspectors, lenders, appraisers, etc. These agents “get” what its like to live in Boulder County and know the in’s and out’s of each community.

But why is that important, really?

Important case in point: Recently a lovely Louisville home was listed by an agent from South Denver.  (I’m not going to show this listing out of respect for the seller)

Strike 1:  One MLS is good enough, right?

The South Denver agent listed the Louisville home for sale only on MetroList which covers Denver and surrounding suburbs. An experienced local Realtor knows it takes two MLS’s to successfully operate in Boulder County and would know to also list the home on the IRES MLS which covers Boulder County and areas north and west.

Even though there is some geographic overlap in the two MLS’s, its an important distinction because the vast majority of business in our area is transacted via the IRES MLS and that out-of-town agent was ignoring a huge buyer demographic for his seller.

Strike 2:  What’s my zip code?  Read the rest of this entry »

4 Common Seller Mistakes to Avoid in a Rising Market

4 Common Seller Mistakes to AvoidBoulder County housing prices are rising. Buyers are getting off their collective fences thanks to the recent nudge in interest rates. And now you are thinking maybe its time to list your home – finally! Congratulations.

Now is an excellent time to list your home – just be sure to do it the right way.

Four common mistakes to avoid:

Priced Too High

I know you don’t want to “leave anything on the table” and a recent poll reinforces this point. A whopping 75% of homeowners thought their agent’s suggested listing price was too low! There has been a lot of momentum building out there and the media has fanned the flames pretty hot. But please think again about testing the water with a higher price than your agent suggests. It could ultimately slow down your deal and cost you money in the long run.

An experienced agent will know how to guide you in pricing your home for current conditions. Carefully selected comps and recent solds along with market indicators will craft a competitively and successfully priced home that will generate solid interest. Then if the market should take it higher in the form of multiple offers, all the better! But overpricing a home to begin with, to test the water, is a surefire way of setting yourself up for disappointment as buyers will turn away and you’ll end up selling for less than market value. It happens too many times.

Want to know my favorite strategy for pricing a home in a rising market? I call it Leading the Parade and you can read about it in this post.

Dressing Up for the Open House

Let me clarify, dressing up your home for the open house is very important. But the timing should be such that you do the cleaning and beautifying long before Read the rest of this entry »

UPDATE: Price Per Square Foot is Climbing

853 W Linden LouisvilleBack in late May I posted about a new listing at 853 W. Linden in Louisville that was just on the market at a record breaking $399,999 for the typical bi-level floor plan commonly found in Louisville. You can see the video here. I’ve been watching for the closing data to hit the MLS because I promised I’d give you an update on the price per square foot.

Well, the house has closed and even I was surprised by the outcome.  This house was on the market with an asking price of $399,999 and closed on July 19th for $393,500 which is a price per square foot of $212.70 – up $25.70 per square foot from the other two comparable sold homes I had researched for the post.

You can read the whole story here.  

If you are considering selling your home all the indicators are pointing to a hot sellers market.  If you would like an experienced and caring realtor to help you through the process please give me a call at 303-579-1617.  I’d be happy to talk with you.

Million Dollar Market Rankings in Boulder

Click to see enlarged Boulder Million Dollar Rankings ChartWe are proud to share that our office at Re/Max Alliance in Boulder is ranked #1 out of the top 10 real estate offices in Boulder for selling homes priced $1,000,000 and above for January – May of this year.  Clients of Re/Max Alliance sold their luxury homes for the highest average dollar of any Boulder realty and by far the fastest compared to all other top 10 agencies.

We know luxury homes.

These statistics track three critical elements you should ask your potential Realtor about if you are considering selling your luxury home.

1. Highest Average Price:

The average closing price on luxury homes sold by Re/Max Alliance was $1,850,000 for January – May of this year.  The next closest office closed their average luxury homes at $1,781,000.

2.  Shortest Days on the Market: Read the rest of this entry »

4 Important Areas to Help Protect the Value of Your Home

12161928_sI get lots of real estate related questions throughout the course of my week and I thought I’d post them every now and then just in case its something you are thinking about too.

Here’s a good one on how to protect the investment you’ve made in your home

Q:  What areas of my home should I focus on to protect my investment and maximize it’s value?

A:  A house is the biggest investment most home-owners make in a life-time so its wise to want to protect that investment.  One of the best ways to maximize your home’s value is with regular maintenance.

While lots of homeowners keep the inside of their home spotless, they are often not aware of what needs to be to the exterior or structural areas of the home.

Here’s a quick checklist of items you should inspect and maintain.  Every six months is a good schedule. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Tips to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Selling Your Louisville, CO HomeI get lots of real estate related questions throughout the course of my week and I thought I’d post them every now and then just in case its something you are thinking about too.

Here’s a good one on how to make your home sell faster.

Q:  What steps can I take to make my home sell faster?

A:  There are many steps you can take to shorten the length of time it takes to sell your house plus help it sell for its greatest value possible.  Many sellers make a common mistake:  they don’t see their home though the eyes of a potential buyer.

Here are a few helpful tips for you to remember: Read the rest of this entry »

Does Your House Have These Top Features?

9972204_sBuyers are out looking for homes and they know what they want. Does your home have “It”?

Here is this year’s buyer’s wish list and the values attached to having each feature in the home.

Does your home have any of these features?

Top on the list are kitchens.  It seems the Food Network has had a huge influence on home buyers and the kitchen is now the central gathering place in a home.

Stainless steel appliances –  $1,850 Read the rest of this entry »

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