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A client’s note at the end of the week

We love hearing good news from our clients – especially when they tell us how we helped solved a problem for them.  It makes for a happy day over here at Gazaway Group Real Estate.

Here’s a note we received from Shanel and LaDonna:

Dear Jeff,

I want to thank you for everything you did to help sell my parents house.  When I first asked you to be their Realtor, I had no idea how complicated the situation was going to be.  Honestly, I would not have asked you had I known because I would never want to put you in an uncomfortable situation.  But I’m so glad I did because I knew I could trust you and that they were in good hands.

More than once you went way above and beyond to make sure the house sold.  Due to the complications of the type of property it was, that one party is disabled and the other moved out of town, you had to be creative to make things work.  To top that off, you were extremely empathetic to my situation and work schedule and tried to make things as easy as you could for me.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you were their Realtor.  You are a true example of professionalism and you put your heart and soul into taking care of your clients.  I can’t thank you enough and when I’m ready for my next home, you can bet that I’ll be calling you.



If we can help you with a real estate problem or if you’d like to discuss buying or selling your home please give Jeff a call at 303-579-1617.  We’d be honored to give you the same kind of assistance we gave to Shanel and her mother, LaDonna.


Sharing a nice note today

We received another nice note from a client today and we have to admit, these kind of comments just make our day! Its always such a pleasure to help someone through the challenges of selling a home and the feeling of satisfaction we get when a client is happy with our work makes it all worthwhile.smilie face

Hi Jeff.

I’m glad it’s all over and now,  we can all relax a bit. You earned my trust shortly after we met and I felt confident that you would take care of every detail as needed. There was never any anxiety on my part regarding your work.  I feel you truly had our best interest at heart,  always being honest and understanding.  I also feel you went above and beyond what was needed,  especially with the county issues.

If ever any family member or friend needs a realtor,  I will not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you for everything you did.  It will always be much appreciated.

Mike Pero

We can help smooth out the challenges of buying or selling a home for you too.  Please call Jeff at 303-579-1617 and we’ll be happy to explain how.