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What $800,000-$900,000 buys you in Superior,CO

1031 Torrey Peak DrivePreviewing homes is something I do for my buyers, especially when they are coming from out of state.  This particular family is moving back to the area after being gone for a few years.  They are elated  to be “coming back home” and I’m excited to help them.

First on the agenda is to preview the available homes in their price range in Superior.  These are all lovely, executive homes with top-of-the-line finishes and ample square footage for families, entertaining, hobbies and home offices.  High ceilings, granite counters, media rooms and 5-7 bedrooms all were included.  The master bedrooms were spacious retreats with 3-sided fireplaces, reading areas, luxurious bathrooms and mountain views.

Views are one of the biggest intangibles for homes in Boulder County.  They are a highly sought after amenity and usually makes the price of the home higher than non-view homes.  But I always look at the views with a critical eye.   Read the rest of this entry »

Making an offer? What you need to know first

12161928_sI get lots of real estate related questions throughout the course of my day and I thought I’d post them every now and then just in case its something you are thinking about too.

Here’s a good one about what to know before making an offer on a home.

Q:  My wife and I are ready to buy our first house.  What things should we consider before making an offer on a home?

A:  Before you start searching the housing websites or head out to neighborhood open houses please do yourself a BIG favor and determine what your budget is for buying a home.  It always breaks my heart when a someone gets all excited about a house only to find out they can’t qualify for the required mortgage.

A very loose rule of thumb is you can afford Read the rest of this entry »

Restaurants for Boulder’s Smallest House Hunters

13772570_sKids are always welcome.  That’s how I feel about this business of showing houses.

Having children along on a day of touring houses means we plan a little differently and taking a break for a healthy lunch is always part of my plan.

Here’s 3 of my favorite quick lunch stops in the Boulder area with healthy options for young house shoppers. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Closing Tips I Give My Buyers

MannoYou found “The One”.

It is the house you are going to buy, live in and enjoy for years to come.  Plans are swirling in your head; decorating ideas, landscaping plans and housewarming parties.

But first – you have a closing.  A closing is the time where you close the deal on your new home, sign a pile of papers, write checks and get the keys!  This is an important day and I’m always there with my clients every step of the way.

I have a detailed multi-point checklist I run through when it comes time to schedule a closing. Buyers (and I) need to feel confident every aspect of the transaction is planned for and covered.  We don’t want any surprises!

Here are 5 tips from my multi-point checklist: Read the rest of this entry »

How Much You Should Spend on Your Home

9085229_sKnowing how much house you can afford makes shopping for a new home so much more fun and effective.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a new home only to be told by the lender its out of your price range.

That’s why I always send my clients to get pre – qualified first.  Its quick and easy and once you have the pre -qualified letter in your hand you know exactly how much house you can afford.  When it comes time to make an offer I include the pre-qualified (or even better, a pre-approved) letter with the contract so the seller feels confident accepting the offer.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

First Step

My clients don’t share their finances with me.  That’s between you and your lender. But I can give you some tools for a quick do-it-yourself look at where you stand in terms of getting a mortgage. Read the rest of this entry »

Home Loan Homework

12161928_sI get lots of real estate related questions throughout the course of my day and I thought I’d post them every now and then just in case its something you are thinking about too.  Here’s a good one about home loans:

Q.  I am ready to buy a home and will need a loan.  What homework should I be doing now?

A.  Here are three big points many people don’t consider when buying a home: Read the rest of this entry »

Better Boulder Buyers

IMG_1416Buyers representation is an important topic these days as shown by the recent story of a Lafayette couple unknowingly buying a meth lab as their new home.

Years ago only sellers had representation in a real estate transaction but today buyers can and should have a professional advocate too.  Buyer representatives owe full legal duty to their client making sure the buyer’s best interests are Read the rest of this entry »

Meth Labs – Boulder Buyers Beware

12414930_sBuying a new home is usually time for celebration.  But just imagine how your celebration would turn to panic if you were to discover, after the fact, that you just sunk your life savings into to a former meth lab.

This isn’t a story that just happens to “other people”.  It happened to a Lafayette couple.

It could happen to you too.

Here is the story Read the rest of this entry »

Own a Boulder Rental? Good for You!

248280_sNow is a great time to own a rental unit in Boulder and Broomfield Counties.  According the latest Denver Metro Apartment Vacancy and Rent Survey, released Thursday by the Apartment Association of Metro Denver and the Colorado Division of Housing Boulder and Broomfield Counties have the lowest vacancy rates and highest rent per square foot in the entire metro area.

You may have already guessed this if you are currently renting or have a college age child who is living in a rental.  The rental market is tight, choices are slim and you must be prepared to pay a little more.  The average monthly rent is now $1,103.61.

Good News for Investors

But if you are an investor this is all good news!  Interest rates are still incredibly low, even for investment properties.  And parents who have a CU/CSU student may find buying a condo investment property a better investment than renting.

If you’d like to run the numbers on a potential investment property just give me a call.  I’m happy to work it through with you.





No More Wait and See

13996287_sBuyers, let’s talk strategy.

Its a brand new year and if you are in the market to buy a home you need a brand new strategy.

New listings are hitting the market and being scooped up fast.

Boulder has 145 brand new listings as of January 1st. Can you guess what percentage are already under contract?

Answer: 26%

Lafayette has 92 brand new listings as of January 1st. The percentage already under contract?

Answer: 35%

Louisville’s 34 new listings are going fast. What percentage are under contract?

Answer: 37.5%

Superior has only 7 new listings but guess what percentage are under contact?

Answer: 57%

Are you surprised? A little shocked?

Now I want to remind you that the most attractive, best priced homes always go under contract first. Do I have your attention?

If you are serious about finding a new home in this market you will not be successful with a “wait and see” strategy. No more waiting until the weekend to go look at a new listing. No more watching to “see what it does”.

I’m advising my clients how to successfully respond to this market. They know I am ready to spring into action as soon as they ring the alarm. Like a fireman, I am primed and ready to go as soon as they request a showing. Quick response is critical if you are a serious buyer.

The market is tight. Inventory is low. Interest rates are low. Sales volume is rising. The best way to educate yourself is to look at homes as soon as they come on the market. This will give you a solid understanding of the market conditions. Then when you find “the one” you’ll be able to confidently and quickly make a smart decision.

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