In Superior, CO Location Can Make or Break the Deal

While out with home buyers this weekend we found a beautifully updated, contemporary home exactly in their price range.   At first we all got excited as it had “the kitchen”  with a center island, granite counters and stainless appliances and the hardwood floors were gleaming throughout the open floor plan.

It was a gem for sure.

Excitedly we  stepped out onto the deck to admire the advertised mountain views and that’s when we saw it.  The fence line of this tiny backyard came face to face with the backside of a storage lot full of old campers, rusty machinery and an old school bus.  Once you looked over the top all the rusty metal, the dilapidated mobile home and the neglected buildings  you could indeed see the mountains.  But the mountain view could not hold your eye as it was the wreckage just over the little fence that held your attention.

With my encouragement my buyers moved on.

This beautiful home will most likely sell in today’s hot market.  And someone will justify  to themselves the wreckage is “better than having neighbors right behind you”. But once this hot sellers market shifts, and history shows that it will, the new owners will have a much more difficult time selling due to the back fence junkyard neighbor. In addition, this home’s appreciable value will be significantly compromised compared to others in the neighborhood due to the view out the back windows.

Its times like this when I put on my Real Estate Psychiatrist hat and help my clients disconnect their emotions for one part of a house ( they loved the great kitchen and floor plan in this case) in order find a home that they can truly love for years to come while making a smarter  long term investment with their life’s savings.



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