Fireside Elementary: “Don’t Squish the Squash”

Fireside Elementary Outdoor Learning GardenThe good news is Louisville schools are rated excellent academically.

But ask any family that attends one of these wonderful institutions and they will tell you there is another important criteria that multiples this high value factor x10 – and its the sense of community they feel from their school.

Community building seems to come second nature to our schools.

There are so many opportunities for parents to volunteer, the children to perform or display their artistic talents and to grow friendships.

And then there are the parties!  These PTO groups know how to put on a fundraiser that focuses on the “fun”.

Louisville’s PTO groups provide a critically important voice for the schools leadership and in developing a sense of community for the children and their families.  Lots of heart and time goes into fundraising for our schools and the outcomes can be pretty amazing.

photo-4Fireside Elementary had an idea for an Outdoor Learning Center.

After months of brainstorming and fundraising they created a wonderful garden area for the students.  Kay and I walked by the Outdoor Learning Center this morning and enjoyed peeking in the “Hoop Habitats” to see the baby lettuce sprouting up.  Fireside kids have a Garden Club and just last week they enjoyed a Salad Dressing Meeting where they learned how to create a speciality:  Fireside Honey Ginger Dressing developed by a Fireside parent and chef.

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