5 Closing Tips I Give My Buyers

MannoYou found “The One”.

It is the house you are going to buy, live in and enjoy for years to come.  Plans are swirling in your head; decorating ideas, landscaping plans and housewarming parties.

But first – you have a closing.  A closing is the time where you close the deal on your new home, sign a pile of papers, write checks and get the keys!  This is an important day and I’m always there with my clients every step of the way.

I have a detailed multi-point checklist I run through when it comes time to schedule a closing. Buyers (and I) need to feel confident every aspect of the transaction is planned for and covered.  We don’t want any surprises!

Here are 5 tips from my multi-point checklist:

1. Where Do You Live Now?

If you are renting, you will most likely want to schedule your closing around the time your lease is up.  If you are moving out of a house that you are selling, you may want to schedule both closings for the same day if possible.  But make sure to allow ample time to complete both closings.  This makes for a big day so I usually take my clients out for lunch in between closings to allow for some down time to relax, ask questions and of course, celebrate a little.

2. Dates and Deadlines

Double and triple check your lender’s commitment date and interest rate locks.  You definitely don’t want them to expire before your closing date.  My clients are counseled to pay attention to these important dates but they are always highlighted in my transaction tracking system as well.

3. Plan Your Work Day

Plan on at least one to two hours for the entire closing process.  Some of my clients like to come in first thing in the morning, late in the afternoon, and others over lunch.  Anyway you do it, it’s a good idea to plan for a half day off work so you are relaxed and able to focus on the tasks of the closing and not thinking about the office.

4. Moving Too?

Are you moving the same day?  Schedule your closing time as early in the morning as possible.  This will give you time to allow for possible delays and still meet your movers.

5. Taxes and Deductions

Real estate closings often mean you will be paying points, interest and other fees.  Check with your tax advisor about including any of these possible deductions on your taxes.  You will get lots of papers at the closing and sometimes it’s hard to find the pertinent forms come tax time.  Knowing that, I send my clients a copy of their HUD1 form at the beginning of the year to help them get the most deductions possible on their taxes.


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