Meth Labs – Boulder Buyers Beware

12414930_sBuying a new home is usually time for celebration.  But just imagine how your celebration would turn to panic if you were to discover, after the fact, that you just sunk your life savings into to a former meth lab.

This isn’t a story that just happens to “other people”.  It happened to a Lafayette couple.

It could happen to you too.

Here is the story from the Daily Camera about a Lafayette couple who buys a house with the highest levels of meth in Colorado

The new buyers had lived in their fixer-upper for only a few weeks when a neighbor stopped by and said, “you do know the guy was cooking meth in the house?”

Testing confirmed their worst fears – contamination levels were at the highest in the state.  So high in fact, their possessions inside the home had to be left behind.

Financial Disaster

The new owners who are still paying the mortgage, ran up credit card bills for all the testing and had to replace their contaminated clothes, furniture and other belongings.  It’s a buyer’s worst nightmare.

Buyers Beware

This story spotlights the critical value that comes from being represented by a qualified Buyers Agent.  Having an experienced and qualified Buyers Agent usually makes buying a home smoother and less stressful but most importantly he or she will help you navigate the possible disastrous pitfalls that can and do happen.

Having helped dozens of buyers successfully purchase homes over the past 10 years I know how to guide my clients through this maze.   Doing thoughtful due diligence is a crucial step for every buyer.

Here are two important steps to include in your process:

Does It Feel Right?

I suggest my clients never judge a book by its cover but get a real-life feel for the neighbors and the neighborhood.  Park on the street in the evening or on a Saturday, bring the dog and the stroller and walk the sidewalk.  Say hello. Talk to the neighbors.  Ask questions about the house and the area.  How do they like living in the neighborhood?  What can they share about the house you are considering buying?  You can learn a lot just by asking.

Check It Out

Google is your friend – use it.  Search the house address, search the neighborhood, the school, etc.  But most importantly search for incidences of crime.  There are data bases for known locations of meth labs, sexual predators and other serious crimes. Call the local authorities to check out incidences of any crime in your potential neighborhood.  This is all public information and freely available to you.

Welcome Home

Home buying can be an emotional, exciting experience and sometimes doing prudent due diligence can feel contradictory to those happy feelings.  But my clients, if they follow my advice, are well informed, confident and happy when they purchase their new home – and that feels good to all of us.

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