Leading the Parade

7314720_sIf you’ve ever been in a parade you know how thrilling it is to be at the front  where all the excitement and energy forms.  Performers feed off the crowd’s applause and the positive energy flow both ways.

Price Smart

That’s how I like to think when it comes to my favorite pricing strategy – Leading the Market.

Smart pricing gives the seller the best opportunity to deal with serious buyers who make solid offer(s) based on current market trends and give the quickest turnaround time for closing dates.

This strategy requires intimate knowledge of pricing trends.  It takes a high level of market knowledge, a detailed evaluation of the most recent comparable sales and a willingness to obsessively track the current competition.   That’s in addition to savvy marketing with leading edge tools and proven negotiation skills.

Best for Sellers

For the seller this is the best strategy for maximizing sales price while minimizing risk.  By stretching slightly above the market (I’m talking single digit percentage points) you are showing awareness of market values and upward trends but you aren’t so overpriced that buyers feel alienated.

Important Factors

How far above market you can go of course depends on many factors and I’m happy to help you analyze them.  Important factors to consider are location, neighborhood amenities, price range, desirable upgrades, deferred maintenance and of course market conditions for the neighborhood.  Sometimes it helps to tour the competition and look at those homes through a buyer’s eye and then compare back to your home.  It can be very enlightening.

Get That Feeling

Create every opportunity for a buyer to have an emotional attraction to your home.  You’ve had a freshly baked cookie at an open house, right?  Its that kind of thinking. Buyers may tour because the house falls in their general price range but once inside you want them to covet it.  When that happens they will begin to envision living there, placing furniture in their mind’s eye.   At this point they are getting serious and may worry about another buyer scooping it out from under them.  In a market with rising prices, a Leading-the-Market home is priced only a few percentage points higher and that means the buyer can comfortably make an offer.  Usually that offer is at or only slightly under asking price.

Where to Start

When I meet with a prospective seller I don’t put a listing price in my contract.  I’ll only discuss a possible range.  Only once we decide to work together will I sharpen my pencil and get to work analyzing the multitude of details it takes to create a successful Leading-the-Market pricing strategy.  Once I have the price range narrowed down and a supporting marketing strategy we’ll discuss how the options support the seller’s goals and timelines, ultimately deciding on the strongest listing price together.

That’s how we find the most success when listing a home during a rising price market and I’ll know when we’ve found it because that kind of success feels like being at the front of a parade where everyone is happy.

If you’d like to talk with me about listing your home for sale please give me a call at 303-579-1617.  I’ll be happy to apply my proven strategic pricing and professional marketing strategies to your home’s sale.


I am a Boulder County real estate specialist. Over the past three years, I have earned the distinction of being named a 5280 Five Star Realtor. This puts me in the top 7% of all Realtors in the Denver Metro Area for customer satisfaction. If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller meeting with me, please feel free to call me at 303-579-1617 or contact me by email.


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