A Rising Tide in Boulder Colorado

4060139_sQuietly yet consistently its happening.  The real estate tide is rising in Boulder.  Real estate inventory (supply of homes for sale) is at an all time low while sales volume (number of buyers looking for homes) is quickly on the rise.  This trend has been building for at least the past six to eight months in Boulder County.


Real estate trends run in cycles.  During an upswing, prices can rise quickly but they can get sticky and drop slowly on the downside of the cycle.  It seems we may be entering an upswing cycle with quickly rising prices.

Exciting Times

For sellers this can be an exciting time.  But because the market can change quickly its a critical time to get expert pricing advise in order to maximize a home’s value while minimizing risk and exposure.  Its one of the most important services I can provide my clients – careful, strategic pricing advise.

Analyzing the market for a new listing requires much more than simply pulling comparable properties.    Careful tracking of details while, closely monitoring the competition is how I begin the analytical process.

Three Kinds of Sellers

During a rising tide sellers often use one of three pricing strategies:

Feeling Lucky

Lead the Market

At Market Value


Feeling Lucky:

Feeling lucky has a home is listed well above comparable properties.  This seller, feeling lucky, risks carrying the property for an extended time while waiting for the market to catch up to the high price.  Typically this home will be on the market for longer than average and end up accepting an offer well below the original asking price… and often below market value.


Leading the Market:

 The Lead the Market home is priced slightly above the current market.  Owners can expect offers within 30-60 days.  This strategy maximizes sales price with the least amount of risk.


At Market Value:

 Shooting for Market Value usually results in the quickest turn around – offers often start coming within days to weeks and often for asking price or slightly below.  This strategy provides the list amount of risk for a long, extended listing period but it may leave a small amount of money on the table.


Each seller has unique goals and timelines and these important factors are carefully blended into a pricing strategy when I work with clients.  But please keep in mind a pricing strategy is only one component of a successful home marketing strategy. Other key elements include beautiful photography, promotion on leading edge marketing channels and of course, expert negotiation.


If you’d like to talk with me about listing your home for sale please give me a call at 303-579-1617.  I’ll be happy to apply my proven strategic pricing and professional marketing strategies to your home’s sale.


I am a Boulder County real estate specialist. Over the past three years, I have earned the distinction of being named a 5280 Five Star Realtor. This puts me in the top 7% of all Realtors in the Denver Metro Area for customer satisfaction. If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller meeting with me, please feel free to call me at 303-579-1617 or contact me by email.


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